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Chicago State University
Eastern Illinois University
Northern Illinois University - Driver Education Institute

Course Offerings in Southern Illinois

Important Note:
Illinois Driver Education Teacher Endorsement Standard is being INCREASED from 16 to 24 semester hours in February 2012.


Ch. I, S. 252.40
Section 252.40 - Driver Education Teacher Requirements

Approved Teacher - Persons authorized by the State Superintendent of Education to conduct an approved driver education course.

Teacher Presentation- All persons who teach a driver education course which is reimbursable or non-reimbursable must be qualified according to  the minimum standards.


The instructor must be a certified teacher.
The instructor must hold a valid driverís license.
The instructor must possess good physical health as determined in accordance with Section 24-5 of the School Code.
The driver education teacher in a non-public school is not required to be certified but must hold a baccalaureate degree, or equivalent as determined by the employing school, in addition to meeting the requirements of Section 252.40 (b) (3).

The fully qualified instructor is required to have sixteen (16) semester hours of college credit in the field of safety and driver education as follows:

Illinois Public High School Driver Education Teacher Requirements:

25.100(n) Beginning with applications received on or after February 1, 2012, an endorsement in safety and driver education shall be issued when the applicant provides evidence of having completed 24 semester hours of college credit in the field, with at least 12 semester hours at the upper-division or graduate level, as defined by the institute offering the coursework, distributed as follows:

1)   3 semester hours in injury prevention or safety;
2)   12 semester hours in driver education that include
      a. driving task analysis (introduction to driver education);
      b. teaching driver education in the classroom;
      c. teaching the laboratory portion of the driver education course, including:
           i. on-street teaching under the supervision of a qualified driver education teacher;
           ii. the equivalent of at least one semester hour preparation in and use of driving simulation;
           iii. the equivalent of at least one semester hour preparation in the use of multiple-car programs;
      d. advanced driver education and emergency evasive driving; (TECH 539)
3)   3 semester hours in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation; and
4)   6 semester hours chosen in any combination from;
      a) the use of technology in instruction;
      b) safety issues related to alcohol and other drugs;
      c) driver education for students with disabilities; and any other safety-related area.

Source: http://www.isbe.net/rules/archive/pdfs/25ark.pdf
Shelly Helton, ISBE Rules Coordinator 8/2011

Northern Illinois University
Driver Education Institute
Dr. Frank Gruber IV, Ph. D - Director

Teacher Certification Endorsement Program

Important Notice for 2015 Class Offerings

Spring/Summer 2015
Traffic Safety Institute
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115


*Grad/Undergraduate Credit. Course costs will be listed in the NIU On-line Schedule
Simulation/Range work will be held at St. Charles H. S., St. Charles, IL
BTW at NIU in DeKalb, IL
All courses will also have an on-line component


To Register: On-line www.reg.niu.edu, Off-campus students (Regional) beginning 04/2015.

Check your registration time after 3/2015. (12 semester hours are an overload)
Check your registration dates and times online. See NIU website at: www.reg.niu.edu

Petition for Overload - http://www.niu.edu/its/asp2/OnBaseForms/gradschool/Overload.aspx

Student at Large Status:

Graduate students should be obtained (ASAP) from NIUís Graduate school. (on-line, www.grad.niu.edu)


TECH 622** 
Spring 2015
Driving Task Analysis, (3) (Late Spring 2015)
Sat. April 25, May 2, 9 at the NIUís, Naperville, IL Campus
(8:30 am to 5:30 pm)
Online 6:00 pm -10:00 pm Monday,Wednesdays April 27*, 29*, May 4*, May 6*
TECH 635**
Summer 2015
Seminar in Safety, Current Issues in General Safety (30) (Summer, 2015)
Sat., May, 23, June 20
(8:30 am.- 5:30 pm. at the NIUís, Naperville, IL Campus;
Online May 25*, Monday's, June 1*, 8*, 15*.
TECH 636** 
Summer 2015
Principles of Traffic Safety Education (3) (Summer, 2015)
Sat., May 30, June 27, (8:30 am.- 5:30 pm.) at the NIUís, Naperville, IL Campus
Online Wednesdays June 3*, 10*, 17*, 25*

TECH 633**
Summer 2015
Practicum in Traffic Education (3) (Summer, 2015)
Sat., June 6, at the NIUís, Naperville  IL Campus, (8:30 am.-5:30pm.); PLUS
BTW in the DeKalb, IL area: Mon. - Sat. 7:00 am - 9:00 pm., starting Tues., June 9 to Sat., June 27.  Weekly teleconferences by team appointment.

TECH 539**
Summer 2015
Advanced Traffic Safety Education Practices (3) (Summer, 2015)
Sat., June 13 (8:30 am.-5:30 pm.) at the NIUís Naperville, IL Campus;
NOTE: Class
Sessions. June 22, 23, 24, 25 (4:30 pm.-10:00 pm.) at St Charles H S,
St. Charles, IL: Multi-car Driving Range and Simulation Laboratory.

Sessions the week of. June 22-25 (4:30 pm. - I0:00 pm.)
at St. Charles H. S, Simulation Laboratory
and Multi-Car Range Facility.


Graduate Credit (**). Course costs will be listed in Schedule.
Course materials purchased at each first class session.
Classes to be held at the NIUís, Naperville IL, Campus;
Simulation/Range fieldwork will be held at St. Charles H. S., St. Charles, IL
BTW at NIU/ DeKalb, IL.  
All Courses Will Have Online Components (*).

For Course Content Contact:
Dr. Frank J. Gruber IV Ph.D. - Director
Northern Illinois University
Traffic Safety Institute
DeKalb, IL  60115
E-mail: fgruber@niu.edu

Print Copy of 2015 Institute Course Information
Click Here


Eastern Illinois University

Course Offerings for Certification

Click Above

College of Education and Professional Studies
Department of Health Studies

Registration for On Campus Summer Courses:

Non-degree Students that have not completed Bachelorís degree
Current EIU students regular registration process Touchtone or PAWS system through EIU homepage
Non-EIU students contact Admissions 217-581-2223

Persons that have completed B.S. degree
Past EIU students contact Records Office 217-581-3511
Non-EIU students contact Graduate School 217-581-2220

Registration for Continuing Education Courses:
Registration forms for Continuing courses can be found at: http://castle.eiu.edu/~healthst/
Call Continuing Education 217-581-5114 or 1-800-446-8918
FAX 217-581-6696, please call to confirm receipt.


* With successful completion of these courses, an in-service teacher should be
eligible for certification in Driver Education by the end of the summer semester.

 For information regarding Safety and Driver Education contact:

Dr. Richard Cavanaugh
(217) 581-6205
Dr. Robert Bates
(217) 581-5761


 Chicago State University Course

(Revised 5-08 with new course numbers)
CSU has changed the numbers for all of the courses at the University. The new numbers for the driver education courses are listed below in bold. The old course numbers are in the parenthesis. You will also notice the new undergraduate level courses are at the 4000 level and the new graduate courses are at the 5000 level. No longer will a G designate graduate level courses. You cannot take these courses to get credit again with the new numbers. The university will not award credit for any course a second time.

H&S 4500/H&S 5500 Driver Education
(3 CREDIT HOURS) Lecture and Field
(Old Numbers: H & S 350/350G Driver Education)

H&S 4560/5560 Advance Traffic Safety and Instructional Materials
(3 CREDIT HOURS) Lecture and Field
(Old Numbers: H & S 356/356G Advance Traffic Safety)

H&S 4570/5570 Advanced Safety Education
(3 CREDIT HOURS) Lecture and Field
(Old Numbers: H & S 357/357G Advanced Safety Education)

The three courses listed above are offered by Chicago State University and have been approved by the Illinois State Board of Education to fulfill the course work needed to teach driver education in the schools of Illinois. You will need to have the endorsement placed on your valid teaching certificate by submitting your transcript to the state in order to show proof to an employer that you have fulfilled endorsement requirements. To have this endorsement added, you will need to have all of your transcripts reviewed by the state to be sure you have met all requirements. This review cannot be done by anyone other than the Illinois State Board Education. Universities have not been given the authority to perform evaluations.

We strongly recommend you have your transcripts reviewed ASAP. This will eliminate any problems with courses you are missing or have already taken and do not want to repeat.

STATE OF ILLINOIS REQUIREMENTS: Also available at http://www.ISBE.net

Requirements for Secondary Level Endorsement in Driver Education & Safety
This endorsement requires 16 semester hours in the field of driver education and safety, including preparation as follows:

  1.  3 semester hours in general safety
  2.  5 semester hours in driver education and advanced traffic safety
  3.  8 semester hours chosen from two or more of the following areas:
      A.  General safety, including traffic and industrial safety
      B.  Advanced psychology and sociology
      C.  First aid and health education
      D.  Instructional materials
  4. Teachers assigned to either simulation or multiple-car programs shall have preparation in the use of
      these methods which shall consist of a minimum of 1 semester hour or its equivalent in each area.
      If you are not currently taking courses as an officially admitted CSU graduate student, you must be  
      processed as a graduate student-at-large. Please call the Graduate Studies Office at 773.995.2404 to
      begin the process. Ask the representative from that office about registration procedures. It is wise to 
      register early and pay on time. These courses tend to fill quickly. You can only obtain the RAP/PIN
      number from the Graduate Studies Office to register. The HPER Department, Chair, and faculty cannot
      give that number to you. The Graduate Studies Office is the only place to call for information about
      registration. If the class is at an off campus/extension site, you may contact Extension Services to help
      with registration after you have enrolled as a grad-at-large.

If you are an undergraduate student, please call the Admissions Office at 773.995.2513 to ask about procedures regarding processing as an undergraduate student-at-large.

Information and registration is available at http://www.csu.edu.

AFTER YOU REGISTER, please note the due date for payment.
If you do not submit payment by this date, YOU WILL BE DROPPED FROM THE COURSE!

Payment, for courses is most efficient by calling the Cashierís Office at 773.995.2029 and using your credit card. You should not pay any university fees for taking an extension course. Clarify that you should be paying extension course prices only. You are also responsible for any holds on your account; for example outstanding bills or lack of immunization records. Please contact the Bursarís Office at (773) 995-2470 for taking care of your account. The contact number for the Wellness Center is (773) 995-2010.


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